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 The TUSCIA region, and the Province of Viterbo (North of Rome)

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PostSubject: The TUSCIA region, and the Province of Viterbo (North of Rome)   Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:22 pm

The province of Viterbo extends between Lake Bracciano and Orvieto and is a land of infinite treasures completely unknown to mass tourism!

Do a Google search for:
Viterbo, Bagnaia and the Villa Lante, Bomarzo and the Park of the Monsters, Cararola, Tuscania, Tarquinia, Civita di Bagnoregio, Soriano nel Cimino, Lake Vico, Lake Bolsena with the towns of Bolsena, Marta, Capo di Monte, Cerveteri, Sutri, Oriolo, Canale Monterano... just to name a few! You will discover a all world of history, archaeology and nature at only about 1h-1h30min drive from Rome! This part of Italy is still completely unknown to mass tourism and its character and beauty is beautifully preserved.

Area of volcanic origins, the Tuscia became the craddle of the Etruscan civilization, then it flourished under the Roman empire and later in the high Middle Ages (12th-14th Century) it flourished as it became one of the centers of Papal power.

Today the whole area offers evidences of its history throughout the times. The city of Viterbo still preserves its Medieval quarters that enchants the few lucky tourists that go through this area.

To take the chance of take a virtual trip through this land, using Google Map, Google Earth, and searching the web for information.

We are enthusiastic of this area and would like to promote it among those tourists that feel like adventuring out of the most popular tracks, and we will be more than happy to assist you and take you by the hand to encourage you uncover this still unknown jewel of Italy.

We organize tours and trips to this area, if you wish to get information on our activities please email us at:

Picture of Piazza San Pellegrino, Viterbo
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The TUSCIA region, and the Province of Viterbo (North of Rome)
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